Then pay attention to this tip: start organizing your content through a Topic Cluster!

In a literal translation, Topic Cluster means “internal groups”. Therefore, they are like a group of content that revolves around a central topic and uses a pillar page as a hub for internal links.

But why is using these content groups important for your strategy? Keep reading and find out!

What are Topic Clusters?

It is a content creation and organization strategy. Therefore, the goal is to strategically organize your blog or website, following a structure that arouses the reader’s curiosity.

This way, the reading becomes enjoyable and attractive also for Google. And, for increasingly intelligent search engines, this strategy becomes essential for SEO.

What is the importance for my site?

Before, search engines analyzed results based on keywords. Although they still have great relevance today, search engines are focusing on the user’s search intention.

That is, the search engine identifies what is most relevant and has more information to answer the user’s question.

And this is where Topic Clusters come in!

All elements and the structure of content groups are designed for the search engine to identify that it is the best option for the user.

For this reason, Topic Clusters are so important!

Benefits of using

Topic Clusters This is a strategy that can bring great results in the medium and long term. But it is important to keep in mind that SEO work is constant.

The advantages of using Topic Clusters are several! Check them out:

  • Increases domain authority;
  • Generates organic traffic;
  • Distributes page authority;
  • Generates leads.

What is the structure of a Topic Cluster?

In the image below, you can see that Topic Clusters have a basic structure that includes a Pillar Content, Cluster Content, and Internal Links.

Pillar Content: It is the center of your Topic Cluster and covers a central topic for your strategy;

Clusters: These are the topics that will complement the Pillar with content that deepens the main theme;

Internal Links: It is a way to link the other elements together.

But how does this work in SEO? It’s simple: linking these elements shows search engines that the main page has authority on the subject, and over time, it gains more rankings.

How to build an SEO strategy using Topic Clusters?

To begin, it is essential that you understand the search intentions of the user and your target audience. This way, you will be able to match them.

Here’s how to build an effective SEO strategy using Topic Clusters:

Map your content This is the first step

You need to create a Pillar page with a suitable group of keywords and follow SEO strategies to rank your post.

It is important that you use a group of terms related to the main topic that will be part of the cluster pages.

Remember: your content needs to be authentic and original for you to have a better position on search engines.

Create the Pillar Page

To do this, develop a long post that provides authority to the page and makes it known.

Organize the post’s information into extensive and in-depth topics. In other words, focus on creating truly relevant and readable content so that the user does not get tired and leave the post.

Provide unique content

Google and other search engines have been penalizing the practice of copied content for some time now.

In addition, copied texts do not add value to readers and are copyright violations in some cases.

Therefore, dedicate yourself to creating original and authentic content.

Internal linking

Internal linking is essential In every on-page SEO strategy, internal linking is essential. This strengthens the page’s authority and leads users to see more texts on your site – which makes them stay on the page longer.

Promote your page

This is how you will attract more readers and interested people to your page.

There are several ways to promote your content on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts, promotions, reels and TikTok videos, among others.


Using the Topic Clusters strategy is essential if you want to generate results for your company.

It is not enough to simply make several posts and expect engagement. Search engines have been improving to provide a better user experience.

Therefore, having an SEO strategy using Topic Clusters is essential.