If you want to learn more about SEO Writing, this article is for you!

The SEO field has gained a lot of prominence in the market, and SEO Writing plays a significant role in it.

In this article, I’ll explain what it is and how to use SEO Writing effectively. Keep reading to learn more!

It is a writing process for search engines using SEO practices. The goal is to make the text rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs) and, consequently, have more relevance and visibility for the audience.

What is it for?

SEO Writing is a strategy that focuses on the user’s reading experience. After all, the reader is what drives the strategy, so they cannot have a bad experience.

Some things that hinder the user experience are:

  • High volume of keywords
  • Pop-ups that open unexpectedly
  • Low-quality visual content
  • Non-intuitive page layout

Shallow content Therefore, it is important that all these points are well-worked in your text. Remember that when producing a text using SEO strategies, it is essential that the content is focused on the reader’s needs.

This way, the persona’s demands are met, and they are more prepared to move to the next stage in the funnel.

How to get good results with SEO Writing?

In order for you to have good results with SEO Writing on search engines, I will talk a little more about the technical side.

But first, it is important that you understand the main types of search engines. Click here.

Here are the main strategies for good SEO Writing:

Choose the right keywords

Texts made for SEO need to have a focus keyword. This is a term that will connect certain user searches to the page in question.

Therefore, it is necessary to have good distribution of this word throughout the text to achieve a good result.

One tip is to use long-tail keywords. This way, you will have less competition and better results.

Use header tags correctly

Producing an organized text is part of SEO strategies to optimize content.

For this, you should leave the page title in H1, subtitles in H2, and other topics in H3, and so on.

This makes the structure of the text more attractive to the reader and helps in page indexing!

Make high-quality titles

The title of the text is one of the most important factors. It is what makes the user decide whether or not to click on a page.

In addition, the number of clicks that a text receives influences optimization.

Some types of titles attract users more, such as lists and urgency triggers.

Tips for optimizing your site

Now that you know the main strategies for good SEO Writing, I’ll give you 6 tips to improve your site!

With these tactics, you can succeed in organic traffic and gain more leads!


Improve site speed

User experience is a ranking factor, so you need to pay special attention to it.

The loading speed of the site is very important for you to achieve this goal. Ideally, the user should not wait more than 3 seconds to access anything on the site.

Optimize images

Images are important for visual communication with users, as well as being great for optimization.

Google, for example, has an image search service. So by optimizing page images, you increase the chances of users finding your content.

To do this, simply include the keyword in the image attributes, file name, and ALT attribute.

Analyze your segment

To do good optimization, you need to know your segment inside out. After all, you will be working directly with keywords that summarize your services and products.

This way, you will be more assertive in the keyword strategy and will rank better on Google.

Understand the customer journey

Understanding the customer journey is essential for insights and creating more qualified content for them and search engines. Learn more about the customer journey by clicking here.

Pay attention to details

Analyze your site and content as if you were a reader. Does anything bother you? It could be the loading time, the distribution of titles, or even the content.

Learn to organize your titles and subtitles for SEO

See what can improve the user experience and adapt! This is essential for you to have good results.

Know your persona well

In SEO Writing, you need to create content according to the demand of users and, above all, your ideal customer.

A well-made strategy is based on the objectives you intend to achieve and what users are looking for. In addition, you need to put into practice the tips I gave above.

After all, how to make money with SEO Writing?

If you are interested in this area, know that there is a large market for it! For those who like to write and know how to produce good texts, working as an SEO Writer can be an excellent option.

To be a professional SEO Writer, you can:

Collaborate with news sites, receiving payment per text; Write for company blogs to increase their visibility; Become a Ghost Writer; Publish e-books.

Remember that writing for the internet involves knowledge of SEO techniques and strategies such as visit monitoring and keyword planning.

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