All About Cornerstone Content Every day, you come across thousands of articles, website posts, and infographics published, all competing for a place in search engine rankings.

With this sea of content, how do you stand out to the user?

The answer is simple: SEO.

And one of the foundations of SEO is building original, high-quality content. But there’s also a powerful type of content that can help boost your SEO efforts.

It’s called Cornerstone Content.

Continue reading to understand what Cornerstone Content is, its importance, and how to create it.

What is Cornerstone Content?

The Cornerstone Content, also known as “support content,” is one of the important elements in SEO. It is a reliable, comprehensive, and high-quality material to achieve maximum interaction.

It is where the most valuable information is inserted, where backlinks will be directed, and that will guide your user’s navigation.

In other words, they are the best articles and pages that you want to be indexed by search engines.

So why is it so important?

This type of content is a kind of central guide on your site that facilitates navigation so that readers have a good experience.

In the cornerstone content, there will be the keywords you want to rank, images strategically arranged, and the type of interaction you want the user to make.

Therefore, it is a material of extreme quality. Below I have separated 3 main reasons for you to produce cornerstone content. See:

  • It is the content that your site visitors want to see;
  • It will generate user engagement;
  • Search engines love it.

If you want to gain space on the internet and have results, you need to create texts that are important to the user and add something to them.

That’s why it’s important that you create cornerstone content.

Where to use the cornerstone?

There are two main ways to use this content, which are:

  • To drive traffic back to your site;
  • Use as content for the blog.

See more details about these forms:

To drive traffic back to your site

One of the benefits of cornerstone content is to attract search engine results and new visitors.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure that this material appears prominently on your page and on any other destination.

One way to do this is to create additional pages that link back to specific posts with relevant information. For example, the “frequently asked questions” pages.

As content for the blog

Here it is important that the content has all the essential information that readers need and that is relevant to the target audience.

For example, let’s say you own a hotel. You can make a blog post with all the information about your hotel – from room rates to facilities, breakfast, and others.

In addition, you can use this content on other partner blogs, thus improving the SEO of your site.

How to create good Cornerstone Content?

Now that you know what cornerstone content is, its importance, and where to use it, I’ll show you how to create this content.

It’s important to maintain a high-quality standard and know SEO practices so that the content is relevant.

Here are some tips for developing:

Determine a subject

The topic you will address should be related to your company’s area of expertise. Otherwise, the coherence of the structure will be compromised, and the user won’t understand anything.

Additionally, Google may penalize your page and downgrade it in the ranking of relevant results.

Therefore, when defining the subject, keep a broad view of what will be discussed and what the user will find when entering your article.

Create original content that can’t be found anywhere else. This way, you’ll attract the reader who is looking for a difference.

Do research

This is the best way to know what competitors are doing and how else you can produce the article in an original way.

Thus, to know which direction to take, it’s important to research beforehand. You can do this through short keywords with a good search volume.

Use keywords

In addition to being essential for SEO and search engines, keywords help create greater cohesion within your article.

You can choose between short or long-tail keywords and use them according to your goal.

Have internal links

It’s important to consider that if your article is good, it will be shared. Therefore, it’s necessary to have links that lead to your services.

Thus, make a map that interconnects all information and place related links within the content.

Direct the link keywords in the best way possible so that your user clicks!

Create a good title

This is one of the most challenging parts to write because you need to find a phrase with a few words that summarizes everything your text has to say.

Here, it’s necessary for the chosen keyword to appear because it’s the focus of the content and what the user is searching for.

Content itself

The information you put in the text is of utmost importance for search algorithms. Links are inserted in the content, and coherence and cohesion analysis are made there.

Additionally, it’s important to pay attention to the number of words in the text because it can’t be too short or too long.

The ideal is to keep it between one thousand and three thousand words so that search services have enough material to analyze, and users find what they’re looking for.

It’s also important to review the content to avoid spelling errors, loose ends, and disconnected ideas.

In this review, you need to analyze the keywords and links, and if the content is good after all this, it’s time to post.

Promote the Cornerstone content

Creating cornerstone content requires more effort than other types of text. Therefore, you should ensure that everyone sees the work you have produced.

To do this, you must promote your content so that it reaches more people after publication.

Below are some tips to promote your cornerstone content:

  • Share the content on different social media platforms. It could be a video post on Instagram, a text message on LinkedIn, a tweet on Twitter, or even a photo on Pinterest. The important thing is that you show people what you just posted.
  • Send emails to people through a user-based email list. Benefit from social media communication sites such as Reddit, Medium, etc.
  • These platforms also have a large number of users and can help leverage your content.


Cornerstone Content is comprehensive content and perfect for SEO. It reflects the essence of a website and provides rich information about a specific topic searched by your target audience.

This content is essential for your site to be at the top of the rankings and attract more users!

Now that you know what cornerstone content is and how to create it, read other articles about SEO on our blog!

Undoubtedly, you will learn a lot and take your site to another level.