Hi, I’m

I live in Brasília. I’m a digital marketing strategist and growth leader who is curious about everything, especially, SEO. I’ve led, advised and learnt with high performance growth marketing teams over the last 5 years. The path to growth is based on people. Customers, co-workers, leaders, investors and entrepreneurs. Here I am to explain in a simple way complex things that lead to success.

Fernando Carvalho

I did an SEO consultancy with Fernando for a few months.
It was AWESOME! The company I work for came out of anonymity on Google and ranked on the first page within a few days. We went from 120 organic hits per month to 20k in 6 months in a very specific niche with a lot of competition.

Renata IansenCMO | Ethimos Investimentos

I have been working with Fernando since 2018 and I can say that much of what I have become as a professional I owe to him. I consider him a corporate ninja, who can handle any situation wherever he is.

Gabriel Gomide | Folha DirigidaCommunity Manager

I had the pleasure of being part of the same Growth team and seeing up close how he manages people and demands. Fernando is a great leader, very professional and very focused.

Pedro CatrambyDigital Strategist